Freddie got fired

November 30, 2018

Somewhere in a London high rise, a team of colleagues were sharing a few laughs over drinks, trying to make the best of what was a terrible day in the company. Over 20% of the staff had been let go in one day, as a cost cutting measure, before a private equity company took over the majority stake in the company in a couple weeks time. 

In their midst sat Freddie, quite contently taking in all the bustle. He had only been at the company for a few months, but had made friends fast and now was one of those that would not return on Monday.

When he left the pub, he heard "Bye Freddie", "Good Luck Freddie" and "See you soon". On the way home, people in the tube looked and pointed at him, smiling while doing so. He was used to people doing that and upon arrival at home, happily settled on the living room coffee table.

Just in case you were wondering - Freddie is a Succulent. 

His life was quite meaningless, as one of many succulents in a flower shop, but that changed for the better when he was adopted and not only given a place with the most beautiful view of the city, but also a name - Freddie. 

A bright yellow post-it on his belly made sure everyone knew who he was and soon after he knew his calling was to brighten up people's day and put a smile on their face. 

On the day his owner told him he would move to a new place he was sad at first, but brightened up immediately when he learned that he would get to meet new friends of his own kind.

So there they were, Freddie and his nine new friends, making their owner smile and brightening up her day.....and the idea of Prickly Pal was born.

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